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FarmVille2 X-Press: FAQ

What is the FarmVille2 X-Press?
FarmVille 2 X-Press is the latest and the most secure Extension by Zynga that’s on the Chrome web store. This Extension is your go to solution for all the permissions and issues caused due to Adobe Flash. Not just that, this Extension also gives you easy access to the helps from friends while you’re away from your farm and also notifies you with all the updates from your farm. And all that while winning awesome rewards too!

How is FarmVille2 X-Press going to help me and why do I need this?
Adobe Flash, a software that FarmVille 2 runs on is being withdrawn from the most commonly used browsers (Ex: Chrome, Firefox etc) and needs multiple permissions from you to access your game. Due to this, it will be difficult for you to keep farming seamlessly like before. Hence, adding the super secure X-Press Extension to your browser helps you do away with the continuous permissions required by Adobe Flash and helps you get be to farming normally, while being super safe as well!

Is this an official Zynga Extension?
Yes, this is latest and the most secure Extension from Zynga to help you out with all the Adobe Flash issues that you might face in the near future.

Why does it need permission to my browser history, camera, notification etc.?
Now, in order for you to add this extension from Google Chrome store, we have to abide with the Chrome store policy. It is only to fulfill the policy that we need this permission.

This is how the FarmVille2 X-Press works, the extension searches for flash settings in chrome and enables flash while the game loads. For the extension to perform this function Chrome needs a set of permissions. This permission is required by Chrome to only perform the above tasks and we assure you that Zynga in no means will be using any of the permissions you grant but ONLY work towards giving you seamless farming experience.

How safe is it to add this extension.
This Extension is super safe and secure.

Is there an alternate way to play the game?
Yes, there is an alternate way to play the game. That is, manually enable flash on every session on game play. Click here to know how for Windows and here for MAC systems.

It is through the years of trust and love that we keep farming and growing with you down the years! Thank you and keep farming.


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