A Good Host!

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Since Rusty’s farm is infested with mosquitoes, he decided to stay in the B&B. But there’s no room for him as the B&B’s packed due to the elections. Walter isn’t also keen on him staying in the B&B after Rusty’s election win but Barbara has insisted he stay. Help Walter make room for Rusty by completing these quests:

1. Eggs-tra Special Guest!

Rewards: 300 Coins, 30 XP, and 1 Favor

2. Itchy Sting-drone!

Rewards: 350 Coins, 35 XP, and 1 Favor

3. Doctor In The House!

Rewards: 400 Coins, 40 XP, and 1 Favor

4. Nourishing Care!

Rewards: 450 Coins, 45 XP, and 1 Favor

5. Bait &Tackle!

Rewards: 550 Coins, 50 XP, and 1 Favor

6. To Catch A Fly!

Rewards: 650 Coins, 70 XP, and 1 Favor

7. Chill Pill!

Rewards: 900 Coins, 90 XP, and 2 Favors

8. Ins-Pest-or!

Rewards: 1100 Coins, 120 XP, and 2 Favors

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