Where does all my salt that I ask friends to send me go? I never see them in my inventory.

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I have never seen it accumulate in my inventory! Please help me understand.


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    Need to learn how to manage your inbox and more things and what you collect from there.


    You are allowed up to 100 Salts in inventory but I don't think there is the 12 limit there like bottles

    But the salt does go into your inventory

    Maybe if this item falls into the Inbox area with learning how to manage someone knows the link.

    I do not have it memorized

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    Regarding salt that you ask your friends for, you can have 12, anything over that will be lost.

    So you need to be careful with your requests. Try and send out to players who are currently online (players you see post in the feed, players who just sent a request to your inbox, players you eventually know usually are online during that time of day).

    Send out a some requests, how many depends on how many friends you have, and how long you plan to stay online. Check every now and then, and craft as the salt is sent to you. Before you go offline, send out a some more requests. First thing you do when you come back online is to craft, and send out some new requests.

    So the key is patience, to go slow and steady, to find a balance that suits your playing style.

    While you are at it, you may want to add more friends (only as friends, not as neighbours). Having a few hundred friends to ask for stuff makes the game a lot easier.

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