Where does all my salt that I ask friends to send me go? I never see them in my inventory.

ST8ST8 Posts: 19Registered User, Facebook Connect User Muffin

I have never seen it accumulate in my inventory! Please help me understand.

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  • Jewels99Jewels99 Posts: 1,030Registered User, Facebook Connect User Pet Queen

    Need to learn how to manage your inbox and more things and what you collect from there.


    You are allowed up to 100 Salts in inventory but I don't think there is the 12 limit there like bottles

    But the salt does go into your inventory

    Maybe if this item falls into the Inbox area with learning how to manage someone knows the link.

    I do not have it memorized

  • ST8ST8 Posts: 19Registered User, Facebook Connect User Muffin

    There is no salt that goes in my inventory at any time I have been playing this game...I have been playing for 3 years now. Some thing is wrong.

  • gameplayer2011gameplayer2011 Lord of the Forums Posts: 787Registered User Aged to Perfection

    If you have a limit of what can go in of salt then use some from your inventory.

    There is a link on how to manage your Inbox and items can't remember it at this moment. But with most things your item may have already been credited and if over a limit of what you can have in inventory and more of the 12 perhaps then rest is lost until use some.

    Need as said to learn how to manage your resources and use wisely as this game really tests that with requirements and a lot more

    So this is key with playing game and going forward. I have played this game for the 6 years plus or such it has been around.

    Probably have really ramped up the during the time you have played but as said just need to learn to manage and pace what you do with the game because it won't change

  • shakespam_123shakespam_123 Posts: 704Registered User, Facebook Connect User Party Starter

    @ST8 all answers are correct here. If you think you are not getting any salt at all from your requests you will need to report this to support!

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