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Every time something needs to be posted I get a pop up that says "Share on Facebook" and I have to click "Post on Facebook". This tends to get annoying since it minimizes my screen and sometimes freezes it. In the General section a mod open a thread "Your Post Needs Approval" Message. The moderator says to send a PM if the problem continues after checking my email. There was nothing in my email and the problem continues. How do I send a PM to this moderator? Thanks for any help.


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    Is this with the posts you are making in the Forum that says you need to share on facebook or are these the wall posts you try to post in the game

    There is a list of moderators but be sure you are sending to an active moderator not one that is no longer.

    Now if the post you are making here at the Forum says your post needs approval probably due to something in your post needs editing or not enough to post or a link or something is not right.

    But it shouldn't be a consistent issue with posting at the forum unless you are doing something wrong

    Where are you even trying to post here at the Forum that you get this

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    The issue occurs while playing Farmville 2 and it involves posting to my wall on Facebook. When something like raising a prized animal occurs, the game stops, the screen minimizes and a pop up appears titled "Share to Facebook". There are two options at the bottom of the pop up, one is "Cancel" and the other is "Post to Facebook". This happens every time I achieve a milestone, such as largest crop grown, a prized animal, share kindling, find a rare coin and many others. It is very annoying and hasen't always been like this. Other people I know who play Farmville 2 don't have this issue. Possibly I missed, or didn't receive, an option to allow this to happen without getting a pop up every time. Thank you for looking into this.

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    Actually, the screen doesn't minimize, it goes from full screen mode back to the normal screen.

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    Check your settings if you do not want the pop up when you have a wall post you want to post or an achievement in the game.

    I got the pop ups till I changed my settings it just is a way of asking what you wish to do when you post is share it on your timeline or not.

    So for that part work there. You can change the wall post settings and more to go to those that play the game only and not to everyone publicly or your non gaming friends.

    For the part you mentioned on Your Post needs approval that relates to Posting at the FORUM not on Timeline and such. Some people would get a message their posts needed approval when trying to post at the forum

    Totally different from what you have.

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    First, thank you for helping me. Second, please have patience with me. I have gone through all the settings that I can find without finding my problem. would it be possible for you to walk me through thr mouse clicks to solve the problem? Again, thanks.

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    This is what I an dealing with, (if it shows up as a picture)

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    Yes I would get this until i changed my settings on FB side.

    I don't play much on FB anymore and have synced my game to Zynga side and don't have these pop ups there.

    When you have accomplishments in the game or are posting for a wall post item you will get these as a sort of confirmation you want to send it to your Friends, or Public or whatever and it posts to your timeline

    Then your friends can click if it is a wall post item or if just a congratulations note then you can go back and delete from timeline.

    I notice it seems different from my time but their graphics or yours can be different perhaps

    What you can try is go to your main FB page and on left side column find the Farmville2 Link and at right side you should see .... and if click there or hover you will see a drop down menu and see in that list Edit Settings

    Go in there and where it says App can post etc or who can see you posts etc area either set it to where you want the posts to go if you are sending wall posts whether for those of items you need for quests I don't know if don't post them if friends even see them anyways to help you out.

    But you will see a section under the heading of Post and there at far right is an area to turn it off so these posts should go until perhaps you clear cache or anything and may have to go change it to not post.

    One reason moved away from FB so don't have to deal with all these settings really as at Zynga you don't have to set the posts and the wall post items post to their feed if you need something for a quest but you shouldn't see the you got a high score in the fair posts or other things possibly

    And of course do save before you close out the window

    Can try that and see if it helps.

    I would even at times just close the window for these anyways.

    But as said I have moved to the Zynga side to really play. I only play on FB side for minute things.

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    Thanks very much. How do I sync my game to Zinga? And if I do, will it stay at the same level as it is on Facebook?

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    You need to go to Zynga.
    Then, this isIMPORTANT

    You will still get annoying Pointless meaningless POP ups, but, just x out of them, the intention behind most of them, is to flood the Live Feed with garbage no one wants, and flush away the Posts, everyone is desperately looking for.

    ADD ME. Zfriends welcome, not adding any new neighbours.

    SUPPORT If your in game "contact us" button is missing, use this.

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