Great co-op needs members

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Has your co-op fizzled? Are you having to work extra hard to make up for inactive players? We have an active, cooperative group, but need more members. We each try to complete 15 personal orders and hold there until all shared orders are completed so as not to exceed the group goal, (which increases the goal for the next week). Once all shared orders are complete, everyone is free to race for the top producer rewards until the final co-op goal is reached. There is no squabbling, and we reach our goal every week. If you're a daily player who can complete your personal goal of 15 every week, plus just a few more to help us reach our group goal, please come join us. Search for CropMaster B. Our motto is "Surplus." We'd love to have you.



  • Roseguy123Roseguy123 Posts: 153Registered User, Facebook Connect User Saint Spontaneous

    Interesting comment. I have been 'kicked out' of many co-ops for doing too many orders. I presently have my own and can do 100 plus a week. interested?

  • Barbarina21Barbarina21 Grasshopper Posts: 56Registered User This Space is Available

    We try to meet the co-op goal without going over by more than a few. Zynga raises the goal for the next week if you do. Someone may need an extra couple to make their personal goal near the end, and that's understandable, but no thanks on the 100 a week.

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