I have been playing for 4 years but when I post I never recieve anything.

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I do not receive anything when I post.


  • Irena.PIrena.P Forum Meister Posts: 3,421Registered User Lord of the Forums

    Possibly because you play on Facebook, and your friends don't play FV2. So no one sees your posts,the friends who don't play most likely blocked your FarmVille spam. You should consider syncing your game to Zynga, post for items are usually answered immediately in the live feed. Be sure to click the login with Facebook option, NOT the New user option.

    ADD ME. Zfriends welcome, not adding any new neighbours.

    SUPPORT If your in game "contact us" button is missing, use this.

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    you waited 4 years to post about it? wow, you have more patience than I do.

  • Jewels99Jewels99 Posts: 1,030Registered User, Facebook Connect User Pet Queen

    Yeah must have had a lot of patience if waited 4 years to say not receiving things for your quests or more

    But do agree playing on FB could be part of reason

    Are your posts going to all/public or what when you post

    Many have stopped playing on FB side and many play on Zynga side or have left game altogether

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