Portrait, Its this all?

Roseguy123Roseguy123 Posts: 153Registered User, Facebook Connect User Saint Spontaneous

Hi all, I just finished my portrait of a lady, Received a horse, and the picture is gone. Is this all there is? thanks, One lousy horse?


  • Jewels99Jewels99 Posts: 1,030Registered User, Facebook Connect User Pet Queen

    Not a big ta do

    We have had these before and don't think was much then even

  • Renee BeacomRenee Beacom Goldsmith Posts: 746Registered User Party Starter

    i am not doing the portrait because it takes too much just to get one charcoal, which i don't understand because it says we only need fertilized produce. Then why does it take so much. My grand daughter just began her farm and she has taken three days to get 20 bar filled

  • meridienmeridien Posts: 15Registered User, Facebook Connect User Muffin

    I have done this one before and it never took so much to get a charcoal, I think I have 3 squares filled in and only a couple of days left.I am done with it

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    Anyone that has played this game for a while has learned not to get involved with every quest/feature. You can't - Zynga makes it impossible to enjoy playing the game. 390 bags for one charcoal? No thank you ... the rewards are DEFINITELY not worth the tasks. Same holds true for the stupid Derby - What a waste of time and resources this is.

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