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Howdy farmers! The Harvest season is here and you must be very busy harvesting crops on your farm. Tell us if you prefer growing Mastering crops or Non- Mastering crops in the comment box below.



  • iguanamiamaniguanamiaman Posts: 237Registered User, Facebook Connect User Cupcake Princess

    What is a non mastery crop?

  • Susy ElizabethSusy Elizabeth Lord of the Forums Posts: 5,132Registered User Lord of the Forums

    I have no idea why people bother mastering crops. There are no advantages to it. And most new crops you master go away eventually and you don't even remember you ever had them. I say do away with mastery.

  • cmf2205cmf2205 Posts: 2,726Registered User, Facebook Connect User Lord of the Forums

    I don't really care one way or another but I definitely get tired of growing the same things. One farm is at level 170 and the other is at 198. I don't like growing things I can only use for feed, like all of the crops from the art project.

  • WitchieWiz4023WitchieWiz4023 Lord of the Forums Posts: 7,328Registered User Lord of the Forums
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    I like the crops but the masteries and the signs can do away with. Yes I do agree times you don't know you have some crops brought back and more things.

    I say do away with the masteries and let us sell those signs. Waste of space in inventory

    I wouldn't mind the mastery if was worth something but the signs are not worth it and such.

  • Colleen MurphyColleen Murphy Lord of the Forums Posts: 6,852Registered User Lord of the Forums
    edited April 13

    I dont care about mastering crops. The new crops are very few xp, and it is mostly used for a quest line....and feed ! The mastery signs just take up inventory space, or people put them out all over their farm, that causes loading problems for them and those of us who visit.
    Get rid of mastery.

  • EllemarieEllemarie Fisherman Posts: 1,928Registered User The Chosen One

    Non mastering. Way too many signs, and as others suggested, really no need for certain crops except for quests.

  • Ela LoskaEla Loska The One Who Knows It All Posts: 581Registered User Goldsmith

    I want the NEW crops, with mastery or not. But NEW. And useful.

  • Colleen MurphyColleen Murphy Lord of the Forums Posts: 6,852Registered User Lord of the Forums
  • iguanamiamaniguanamiaman Posts: 237Registered User, Facebook Connect User Cupcake Princess

    Definitely get rid of signs, they just sit in inventory and are pointless, but the mastered crops give bigger prized crops and more fair points. How about letting us use ribbons for the boosts that the gourmet farm credits used to give, those were helpful.

  • WitchieWiz4023WitchieWiz4023 Lord of the Forums Posts: 7,328Registered User Lord of the Forums

    I think take mastery totally out and let us get rid of those mastery signs. I myself don't like visiting farms with those on there. Too much traffic and more on some farms and myself after another game that had traffic on their farms or such I said no more. Too busy, timing for loading and more.

    Yes I like new crops that we get weekly on Monday's. Or for a quest ahead. But have some other way of it working to help us. I know when we harvest the crops are different sizes that pop up and sit of the prized crops. But still think some other way of getting more points or something with it.

    Mastery needs to go away with animals and crops

  • TheFarmGirlTheFarmGirl Saint Spontaneous Posts: 780Registered User Aged to Perfection

    I like the mastery. Maybe it's not useful in anything and maybe it really is pointless to master crops that go away in 3 weeks but I still like mastering them. It gives me something to do, so to speak. It goes with my style of planting things and if there was no mastery, why bother with the weekly crops? You have to plant like 15 for the side tasks, maybe some more for a recipe it's asking and that's it. Kinda pointless. So I'm all for mastery BUT not mastery signs. You sure can take them away. I don't need them. There's only one situation when I find them useful and that is when I'm mastering animals - the signs show how many times do I still need to feed the beast to master it so I put one or two out for as long as it takes to master that certain animal. But for that can be found a different solution, I bet. So mastery YES, signs NO.

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  • Leggy GodivaLeggy Godiva The One Who Knows It All Posts: 717Facebook Connect User Party Starter
  • cdncdn Guru of Mayhem Posts: 1,353Registered User Cream Corn Champion

    I like mastering crops but I don't want or need the signs. I am getting bored with only the weekly crop left to master. I've blue-ribboned all the rest that my level offers.

  • newmanmiranewmanmira Lord of the Forums Posts: 8,370Registered User Lord of the Forums
    edited April 14

    I like mastering the crops also but agree with everyone else that the signs need to go. At least the yellow and red, especially if you already have the blue signs. It usually only takes me 1 round to blue ribbon any crop we get whether it's a new crop or a weekly LE crop. It's a change of pace from planting all the older crops like Asparagus, Cabbage, wheat, strawberries, etc. You can always look up how many more mastery points you need when you go into the market stand and hover over the crop. Not so much for the animals though, which might be something that can be added. It would also be nice to have the animals in the pasture separated by yellow, red and blue ribbons. Would make it much easier for us to know which animals we still need to master. I think it would also be nice to be able to sell off our blue ribbon animals from the pasture with a sell button in the pasture like they have in our inventory for our elder trees. I have over 6000 prized animals and it's a total pain pulling them out and then selling them, especially since we have a limit as to how many animals we can have on our farms.

  • matantisimatantisi Cream Corn Champion Posts: 1,778Registered User The Chosen One

    I like mastering crops; it's an interesting part of the game. But definitely, get rid of the mastery signs. They're useless.

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  • KayB2000KayB2000 Building Expert Posts: 94Registered User Chocolatier

    Like mastering animals & permanent crops/trees because it gives more XP/crops when blue ribboned. Don't even try to mastering "seasonal/temporary" crops unless I'm trying to earn the Keeper's Journal badge for having mastered x many - still working on that one, and on the "master 3 types of corn" as well. Would love to sell mastery signs -- or be able to convert to fertilizer/power (I really miss earning the fertilizer boosts on the Gourmet Farm & always need more power). We all put a lot of work into earning those signs and they should be worth a good return if Zynga decides to eliminate.

  • KJusticeKJustice Posts: 1,446Registered User, Facebook Connect User The Boss

    I do not like mastering crops, it just adds stress and why master them?, for a sign that sits in inventory we can't sell? I say non-mastery and let us sell the signs..

  • AnimalFarmAnimalFarm Building Expert Posts: 787Registered User Aged to Perfection

    I like mastering new crops, because why else would I plant them at all, you can't make anything worth something with them.

  • cissi1964cissi1964 Saint Spontaneous Posts: 257Registered User Gabby Enthusiast

    whatever is decided, let us sell the signs, they are a complete waste of space

  • sayyadina67sayyadina67 Assassin Posts: 1,248Registered User Genius Genie

    I like mastering crops as it is kind of a personal goal, but as others have pointed out, the mastery signs need to go! We can see the information when we plant. Also, the mastery helps with the Mastery (Red) Barn, supposedly, and since I spent so many favors to get and upgrade the darn thing, then I want to be able to make sure that I get the most out of it.

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