Number of crops/products for quests linked to farm size, level, both?

waymire01waymire01 Posts: 20Registered User, Facebook Connect User Delightful Duckling

Anyone worked it out? I don't want to get to the point where it's too hard to finish anything if I don't have time to play five times a day.


  • KJusticeKJustice Posts: 1,667Registered User, Facebook Connect User The Chosen One

    I think the bigger your farm is the higher the requirements. Well that's what I noticed.

  • WitchieWiz4023WitchieWiz4023 Lord of the Forums Posts: 7,328Registered User Lord of the Forums

    Yeah if you go and have all the expansions to this point or have a lot on there or perhaps up there in the high levels maybe your count on quests will be up there

    I don't have a deep farm and am only level 148 so probably be lucky if make 150 by end of Year as I am not trying to have an overly deep amount on my farm and more either.

    But I am not playing this game very heavy anymore as it has lost a lot.

    But if starting out it may be easy for a while and then as you get going or want a deep farm with items on it or all these items in inventory as well too be careful of what your quests can ask for.

    But if you are not being asked for deep things at moment you may be a lucky one.

  • Colleen MurphyColleen Murphy Lord of the Forums Posts: 7,018Registered User Lord of the Forums

    I think it is a combination of things. The amount of z friends you have and your neighbor bar, along with how often you play. We can no longer delete neighbors, and getting rid of z friends is not real easy,so those who have lots of people , who no longer play, sometimes have a tough time with quests. I think that is by design, buying farm bucks to pass a task is their goal.

  • AnimalFarmAnimalFarm Building Expert Posts: 790Registered User Aged to Perfection

    Things that I think make the requirements go up:
    -Buying Farmbucks
    -Having lots of a needed produce in stock
    -Having lots of plots/field on your farm
    -Having many friends/neighbors

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