how come my paint restoration isnt working. all my paint buckets are full but wont do anything else.

chipmunklipschipmunklips Posts: 7Registered User, Facebook Connect User Loose Cannon


  • EmpCatEmpCat Posts: 46Registered User, Facebook Connect User Building Expert

    Try upgrading a bucket to see if that works.

  • suzy72suzy72 Pumpkin Posts: 12Registered User Pumpkin

    same here, all full and cant do anything, another quest that is not going to be completed

  • Marta KlassMarta Klass Not a Title, but a Star Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    I have a similar problem ... here is a screenshot

  • iceskater66iceskater66 Saint Spontaneous Posts: 120Registered User The Pesky Helper

    This is the first quest I really don't understand what to do, seems a bit complicated :|

  • Irena.PIrena.P Forum Meister Posts: 3,154Registered User Lord of the Forums

    Think I'm going to ditch this quest, to difficult to try and get the post for art supplies to upgrade the buckets. Only one post out of three has reached the feed or my profile. Not that it matters if the link is on my profile, it doesn't work so I would have to do the dev tool dance in order to place it in the temp feed, It is becoming easier and easier to just shrug and close the game these days.

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  • Kimberly RajagopalanKimberly Rajagopalan Fisherman Posts: 349Registered User The One Who Knows it All

    Yes. Posting instead of asking friends for help is not good enough. And, the post for Art Supplies has quit working for me. SO FRUSTRATING IN GENERAL. The demand for water is ridiculous.

  • nascarfan57nascarfan57 Forum Traveller Posts: 59Registered User This Space is Available

    This is another crazy thing that is not working properly. No clear instructions. I plant the items needed for the colored paint. All three buckets are at 1.00 and no matter what I plant now the amount does not increase. I agree the amount of water needed for the Jostaberries Jam is ridiculous. That wouldn't be too bad if the the amount was not so high, but 168 water is way too high. I am only at 105 water from the well. Actually, the only reward that I was looking forward to is the double fuel. So I guess this another item I will not finish. I get so frustrated with this game.

  • iceskater66iceskater66 Saint Spontaneous Posts: 120Registered User The Pesky Helper

    @Aussiegilz Thank you that really helped me, I had no idea the number on the palettes is what we are trying to make...

  • Hardrock30Hardrock30 Not a Title, but a Star Posts: 7Registered User Loose Cannon

    Needing to post for continuous things has made this task aggravating instead of fun, as it should be. I have given it a valiant effort, but I am not continuing this task, either.

  • icebear7icebear7 This Space Is Available Posts: 102Registered User Cloudylicious

    ive been on vacation and have also managed to end up with some annoying illness that caused me to have more time off than expected (or wanted).... so, i've had the opportunity to spend much time on this game recently.

    i'm actually enjoying this challenge.

    just wanted to comment that it seems very worth the effort to upgrade the capacity of paint buckets as well as increase the color production level as quickly as possible to prevent wasted effort and getting stuck later.

    the only thing that really does annoy me is when its time to mix colors.

    if i need one bucket of purple paint it requires one full bucket each of red and blue paint. i wish it simply followed reality enough that one half bucket of 2 colors made 1 full bucket of the mixed. :D

  • cmf2205cmf2205 Posts: 2,745Registered User, Facebook Connect User Lord of the Forums

    I haven't seen this question anywhere yet - do you have to upgrade you bucket from 1 with each canvas? or does it start where you left off? In other words, say I upgrade all 3 of my primaries to 3 buckets by the time I finish the first canvas. Do I have to start at 1 again or do I go on from 3? I just got this yesterday afternoon. So far so good. I wish they had made the navigation a little different, like being able to plant the crops from the market. I'll live. No big deal.

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