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Is there a chart anywhere that shows what items become available at what level?

I just restarted after not playing for several years. At what level do I get the Upgrade your farm button? Or is there a specific quest that unlocks the button?



  • WitchieWiz4023WitchieWiz4023 Lord of the Forums Posts: 7,328Registered User Lord of the Forums

    The Guides area shows everything that has come out and more.

    Mostly I think things come up after level 25 some maybe upwards. Just keep working at your game and maybe you will get these items can't guarantee everything at this point you will get but if you have your Family Farmhouse or such and family should have the upgrade farm and such button

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    Do you have a button on the bottom of your screen next to your inventory ? there may be several,one says upgrades.These were put there after the balloon for the gourmet farm left our farm.

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    I don't recall not having it. Once you have your building built, when you hover over them you should get the icon to upgrade it even if the button isn't there. Are you starting over or did you go back to your old farm? As Colleen said, you should have the button next to your inventory and you'll only have the travel/boost button if you have the GF.

  • XardasXardas Posts: 2Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

    My farm is level 55 and has the button, but my daughter's farm just started(she is 6yrs. old) and is the reason I am playing again. I wanted to be able to help her. She has 110 FB and wants the early access barn for 60FB, but doesn't have the upgrade button as pic'd below. Her farm is only level 8, so I wanted to understand the levels better so I could explain it to her before she gets discouraged.

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