Ridiculous Co-op Orders - Very Large Quantities Required

KZE33KZE33 Genius GeniePosts: 1,412Registered User The Boss

Nearly all of the co-op orders I've gotten today require that hundreds of items be crafted; 295 and 350 are the most common numbers I'm seeing. I would expect at least some orders this large after reaching my personal goal but I'll never get there at this rate.

Anyone else having this problem?


  • Susy ElizabethSusy Elizabeth Lord of the Forums Posts: 5,153Registered User Lord of the Forums

    That's always been the norm for my co-op.

  • KZE33KZE33 Genius Genie Posts: 1,412Registered User The Boss

    Everything? How do you ever complete your goals? Guess I shouldn't complain. ;) I discard most large orders but it looks like it will take our co-op all week to finish up. We generally finish in 2 days. Thanks, Susy.

  • nige1875nige1875 Loose Cannon Posts: 332Registered User The One Who Knows it All

    I maybe get 2 or 3 like that, but just dismiss them. Guaranteed every week there will be a few like that though.

  • Susy ElizabethSusy Elizabeth Lord of the Forums Posts: 5,153Registered User Lord of the Forums

    Yup. And we do complete all the goals in spite of only 3 people actively doing the co-op orders. I do most of it, because I have most of the produce in abundance. The only prohibition to my being able to not do all is the lack of sufficient power. So, of course, we don't finish in two days, sometimes we get very close to the 9 a.m. deadline on Fridays.

  • AussiegilzAussiegilz Lord of the Forums Posts: 7,847Registered User Lord of the Forums

    Somewhere some time back someone figured out at what town the "increase" happens but I've long since forgotten what it was - but yeah - it's pretty normal to get mostly orders that require 350 - unless you stick to things like fish recipes and posting recipes - these still remain fairly low for me - and if you tend to do a lot you'll come up with some nice surprises that only want to make one or two of something. I remember the days when people used to complain about having to craft 100 of this or that for the OB - I really wish we could have those days back.

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