why does my game freeze up or go blank especially when i visit friends

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my game keeps freezing up on zagna site not on face book . but like being able to play without posting to my friends most of them don't play the games and it gets annoying to use that format.on zagna lately it keeps freezing up and I spend more time bringing the game up more then playing.i even have the little song etched in my brain.it also shuts down when I visit farms help I love this game but its driving me crazy


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    From past folks posting similar problems:
    1. Game is a memory hog -- if you don't have plenty, you may be forced to refresh often.
    2. Get an Adblock - as the ads may be causing the problem (this was true for me, and freezing all but stopped completely when I installed Adblock (no charge for it).
    3, If farms are full of stuff - decor, trees, etc - they load slowly and often cause visitor's computer to freeze. Try to keep your own farm relatively clean and skip visits to those who don't (or who have temp. pulled trees for UWD efforts).

    I play on Zynga, but jump over and check on Facebook at least once daily to clear up request/notifications and to do the wheel.

    Hope this helps and that others will offer more/better advice. Happy Farming.

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    ^ That's good advice.

    Also, clear your cache often. The longer your play session is the more data your browser has to store, (loading other peoples farms as well is LOADS of data), after a while it's just too much and it can't do it anymore.

    I use CCleaner (hope I'm allowed to post the name of it lol) maybe every hour if I'm playing FV2. It's gotten so I can tell when I'm pushing my luck and it's time to log out, clean up and reload with a fresh browser.

    Also check your RAM. The game requirements say 4GB but it doesn't run particularly well on that for me, before I upgraded I used USB sticks for a bit of extra memory, that might be an option for you too.

    I'm not terribly technical as you can tell but these have worked/currently work for me. Best of luck with it :]

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    When the game goes blank, I click on the envelop and it comes back. Zooming in helps to reduce the number of times the game goes blank.

  • TRINITY1959TRINITY1959 Posts: 15Registered User, Facebook Connect User Muffin

    all right Ill be giving her a try have been going to face book to visit friends that works.by the way how do I clean the cache and clean the browser

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    I'm playing online using Mozilla (better graphics) but freezing so much I'm discouraged and hardly interested in maintaining my farm. I've read suggestions above but honestly, if it gets to be too much trouble, I'm going to discontinue play. This did NOT happen when I first started playing five years ago....

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    It did not have these issues when game first came out but things change and more you can either follow the suggestions here or in other threads on this subject of freezing or loading issues or white screen or such so you can play for now.

    Or you can walk away.

    This game needs a complete overhaul and whether that will be as rumors have been mentioned but flash will be no more soon so either tanking the game or something with so many issues lately.

    I have not had many issues if at all with the game. Did have white screen at one time but not since then

    Make sure flash up to date for now and such and activated and try all the troubleshooting steps is about it for right now

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