Flash plug-in Glitch Problem

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My Zynga game has been WAY past the "Town Trip" and "Cave" stage but suddenly, after a "reload" failure, the game says I need to complete these quests again! Zynga says they can't confirm that I ever completed them, so I am having to find bike locks and stinkin' donkey tails AGAIN, when my current share feed is no longer showing those items. I am playing in Zynga and on Facebook in tandem, so both games are at almost exactly the same levels, so I KNOW I finished these quests long ago. Are there any current (level 60+) quests or tasks that are based on completion of the "Town Trip" and "Cave" quests that can "prove" I've already done town and cave?!


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    This is happening to me as well

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    You may just have to redo them because maybe something happened back before that it didn't save it as you completing and more.

    Many of us are well past this.

    Just going to have to pick a platform to play on FB or Zynga. If your games are synced together properly. Or if you have 2 different games possibly if your levels are not directly the same could be your issue.

    So example: If playing on Facebook and your level is 58 let's say and you completed that on that platform then great.

    But if you went to Zynga side platform and are level 60 there and your FB game is not synced up to Zynga and perhaps you started NEW on Zynga side instead of syncing your FB game there then you have 2 different games going.

    These things can come down to your GAME ID's that you give Zynga if you talk to support.

    They are the only ones that can say whether you completed something or not. We can't here as we are players only and this is a PLAYER to PLAYER FORUM ONLY

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