Started over at level 1

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I started playing last week. I got up to level 9. I couldn't get the bottles to feed the baby animals so I tried downloading the Facebook game room. I signed in via Facebook and it started me over at level 1 in the game room. Then I went out of it and trying to play through FB like I was before, and back to start at level 1.
Is there a fix for this or am I out of luck?


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    Don't know how gameroom works but I don't play at FB anymore either because of their limitations and more things

    I play at and have better time playing and can leave FB behind and their limitations.

    Because probably not a lot can do with Gameroom and playing regular on FB side because have to deal with FB and Zynga can't do a lot there

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    i still cannot get my old lvl 73 farm back since signing into zynga. how and where can i find someone to unpin zynga from my farm ?

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    You probably signed up as NEW on Zynga side when all you had to do was hit the Connect with Facebook button on the page so now you will have to Contact Support or someone directly to get your account on Zynga deleted and keep playing on Facebook

    But let your Zynga side account get deleted fully and maybe later on sync up your Facebook game properly to Zynga.

    This is where so many make the mistake is follow the Wrong steps with syncing up their Facebook game to Zynga platform

    But as said I don't play the Gameroom or much on Facebook. I may start things on Facebook like the Tuesday build/quest as I get the build done on Facebook side as I don't need much then as compared to if started on Zynga

    But I would not play the Gameroom stick to main Facebook and play there if can still or move to and sync up your Facebook game by clicking on the CONNECT WITH FACEBOOK BUTTON and follow what it asks for which is your Facebook account login

    But if you miss fired and hit I am new then you started a WHOLE BRAND NEW GAME on Zynga.

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