Prized Animal Barn often doesn't get fed

Stasis007Stasis007 Posts: 5Registered User, Facebook Connect User Loose Cannon

I find at least half the time I "miss click" on the feed icon over the Prized Animal Barn which activates/opens the Barn and results in nothing getting feed and no resources gained.

When I exit out of the Barn the feed icon is gone and no way to feed the animals until tomorrow.

I'm 100% certain that no feed is being consumed and no resources gained. It's happened 3 times to me today: 1/ 1st thing in the morning; 2nd after completing Co-op goals; and 3rd after gaining a level.


  • thousandaysthousandays Captain Obvious Posts: 2,106Registered User Lord of the Forums

    The resources don't animate/pop out like you may be used to. With as many animals as the PAB holds, the graphics would probably overload. But you are getting them. Next time you go to feed it, check your inventory levels. Then feed. Then check inventory levels again to confirm you got stuff.

    Also, typically the PAB gets hungry again if you add a hungry animal to it. So if you have an animal on your farm prize out, add it to the PAB, and you can feed everything again. That's usually how it works.

  • Stasis007Stasis007 Posts: 5Registered User, Facebook Connect User Loose Cannon

    Nah I'm 100% certain that no feed is being consumed and no resources gained.

    Problem is with clicking on the Barn itself rather than the feed icon. Clicking the feed icon feeds the animals, clicking on the Barn opens the Barn and doesn't feed anything. And, once exited, the feed icon is gone for another 18 hours or however long it takes for them to get hungry again.

    It's annoyingly easy to miss click and hit the Barn rather than the icon I find.

    I'll try pulling an animal out and replacing with a hungry prized animal and see if it'll force the reset though.


  • BJBBJB Posts: 17Registered User, Facebook Connect User Muffin

    This happens to me as well and there are no resources or XP rewarded. This is definitely a bug. Please report this for them to look into.

  • cabecitalocacabecitaloca The Pesky Helper Posts: 127Registered User The Pesky Helper

    I can harvest the barn every 2nd or 3rd day.
    Other than that I have to use speed feed - bug big time!

  • Sabi_Sabi_ Learning the Ropes Posts: 639Registered User Mazter Guardian

    This happens to me when I level up or get the "bloom" from finishing the OB. The barn appears to be hungry, as it's supposed to be, but when I click on it, no feed isn't being used and no resources pop out. The barn only opens and that's it. Other than that it works well getting hungry every 18 hours or so.

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  • Kathleen McNamara DavisKathleen McNamara Davis Genius Genie Posts: 2,164Registered User Lord of the Forums

    This has been a problem for a while. I just keep a couple prized animals on my farm. When it gets hungry I dump it in the Prized Animal Barn and it makes all the animals in there hungry. Feed the barn then take the animal out again. Repeat next time

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