Pecan Muffins NOT Peach Muffins

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1a) I reached level 13 and wanted to purchase land to left of ROCK OUT. Sign Requirements were to Craft 4 Peach Muffins. When I actually went to Crafting Kitchen. Stated wanted Pecan Muffins. I had invested in Peach trees & wheat plants. I know. silly. 2a)The other thing that cost me 20-30,000 coins was the time I bought Pine trees. I didn't realize that every time I clicked to set down the tree, I was buying another tree. Ended up with 6 trees until I was broke. This happened with other purchases from 3a) Then the other confusion was request by 'Marie' to craft 1)four Flour , then 2) four Batter then 3)Lemon Wafer . It ended up to be NOT wafer but Lemon Water. I submitted Flour & batter 4x4 thinking I was missing something, then I realized the word changed to Water. Also, I did not craft the 4 flour and 4 Batter initially, but the craft was checked off anyway, which was odd. Other than these things I REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS GAME so far. Now VIP. Thanks !


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    Yes watch the wording and more things with this game. Sometimes it can change at an instance and more.

    So be alert at all times with this game to anything.

    Probably starting out new takes time.

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    There are a LOT of mistakes in the game, some of them are quite well known, and they have been that way forever, so will not be fixed. One famous one is TIMOTHY grass, it shows a completely different icon in the live feed and on your profile, if I remember correctly it shows an image of green toy parts, so look out for it when it turns up :p

    Asking for one thing while actually wanting something else is something that occurs now and again, fortunately, on this forum we have some people who speak fluent Zynganese and they can usually work out what is really needed B)

    ADD ME. Zfriends welcome, not adding any new neighbours.

    SUPPORT If your in game "contact us" button is missing, use this.

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