How Do You Get The Windmill?

Peachey4Peachey4 Posts: 10Registered User, Facebook Connect User Loose Cannon

How do you get the windmill? I'm level 67.


  • WormregenWormregen Posts: 61Registered User, Facebook Connect User Captain Obvious
    edited July 17

    Can't you see it in the upgrades?
    I'll add a screenshot within a few minutes,if you don't know where to find it.
    Below the game at the right side you'll see this button,(the one with number 1):

    Click on it ,then on blue button:

    Then look for the windmill,it's the 6th button from the left (mine is showing a bit strange today)

  • KJusticeKJustice Posts: 194Registered User, Facebook Connect User Fisherman

    According to a site I went to it said you have to have 700000 coins and 173 favors to purchase.. The townfolk will help you build it and you add 2 furnaces to it to get it started.. It starts at lvl 35 and you are way above that..

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