Quest book co-op order board 4 of 5

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Really stuck on Quest book co-op order board 4 of 5. Cannot seem to complete sell some orders despite selling numerous items in co-op



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    Not sure which one you are referring to, but I seem to remember one of the items in the Keeper's Journal that required us to sell stuffses, and the OB did not count. If this is what you are referring to, then click on the OB building, at the top there are tabs for Orders, Shared Orders, and the other one that I cannot remember the name of is the one you want where you can sell things you have crafted, individual items from crops and trees, or even items dropped by animals for money. Before the OB, this was how we sold off items to get money. I will try to remember to go back and look for what the name of that tab is, but hope this helps.

    EDIT....the Tab is "SELL GOODS" over to the right near the "X" to close the Market Stand.

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