"Co-Operation" Needs Players!

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Hi Everyone,

I am the owner of the Co-Op called "Co-Operation" that has been up and running since the co-ops were first introduced in 2014. We have several spaces available as of this posting, and we really need regular, engaged, determined players to join us. We are looking for people who are actively playing and do not plan to leave the game. Any and all levels of daily players are welcome.

We are in the beginning stages of the city maps, so this is a great time to jump onboard! The current members are dedicated daily players and we want to grow this into a successful group. We'd love to include you!

We cordially invite any and all dedicated players that are looking for a Co-op to please join us!
Co-Op name: Co-Operation
Logo: pink rose
Motto: Go Farther Together

We'll see you in the game!


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