How to Report a Bug

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To ensure the FarmVille 2 team can better investigate and resolve technical issues, all bug reports must follow the below format.

Please be aware that not all posts will be replied to, but all that are formatted correctly will be read and the information will be used to identify and fix problems that arise in game.

Please remember that the Bug Reporting section is for information gathering purposes only. This forum is not for Technical Support, complaints or feedback. Any posts that do not follow the below format, or are not legitimate bug reports will be removed.

When Submitting a Thread

Most major issues are addressed in the
Known Issues Forum

If you are experiencing an issue that is not listed in the Known Issues thread, please post your report in the appropriate existing thread on the subject. Do not create duplicate threads for ongoing issues.

Known Issues topic is updated on a regular basis to keep players informed of any changes towards resolving game issues, and we encourage you to use it as a primary resource.

Should you create a thread that is already a known issue, your thread will be locked and/or removed in order to ensure that the Bug Reporting section does not become unmanageable.

All issues that are reported should be done in the following format:

Thread Title:

The title must be a short description of the issue/bug that you are seeing, something like, ‘Unable to send gifts to neighbor’ or ‘Error Code appears when attempting to enter Farmville 2.


Please give a more detailed description of the EXACT issue you are seeing, if possible, with the steps you took that resulted in the bug. Whenever possible, please take screenshots of the issue in question to display things like error codes or anything that will better clarify what you’re reporting. Ex. I received an error message when attempting to send a gift a Facebook friend after entering Farmville 2.

  1. Logged into Farmville 2, and was taken to the Free Gift page upon entering.
  2. Selected feed.
  3. Attempted to send the gift.

Remember, whenever you're reporting a bug explain everything you were doing! Sometimes issues come up that are a result of a series of events. When something weird happens that you can't reproduce, explain what you were doing before that, so we have an idea of what to try when trying to reproduce it.

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