Farm of the Week Winner! (8/04/2014)

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Farm of the Week Winner! (8/04/2014)


Check out the Farm of the Week!

Our Farmers submit hundred of screenshots every week, and on Fridays we like to share our favorites with the entire FarmVille 2 community. Then we give the Farmer who submitted our favorite screenshot 100 FREE Farm Bucks, just for being awesome!

On Saturday, we posted about a farm belonging to a player who may be using unapproved methods of progression. That was a mistake on our part. We have since remedied this error and chosen a farmer who deserves our attention and congratulations. Zynga does NOT condone the use of cheats, hacks, or any other third party "tool" used to gain an unfair and unwarranted advantage. We apologize for this situation and have taken steps to ensure legitimate Farm of the Week selections going forward. Thank you all for your concern! Beause of you, we were able to identify the mistake before too long and make it right.

Now, let's celebrate a farmer who truly deserves our attention. Rita Muscat submitted her farm, built for efficiency. The level of organization on this farm is impressive, but there remain design details that are excitingly nuanced. We especially love the low brick walls separating Rita's Agave crops. This is how you make a functional farm look great!

Enjoy your Farm Bucks Rita! Thank you for playing, and thank you for being our Farm of the Week!
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