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Dominus Mars
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  • Lieden

    Hi Dominus. Grateful for help me. I'm lost now in Farmville. If I reinstall Farmville in Facebook I lost my VIP Member Diamond? I need to play only in gameroom, my timeline can't have posts of Farmville. I don't know what can I do to play Farmville only in Gameroom or only to a few friends but not with all posts publics in my facebook. Its possible? Sorry many questions but I lost how to do to permit that farmville can post in my name...but only to players...is it possible? Thanks very much. Regards. Lieden

    April 20
  • BOR

    1) In 2016 there was a blackout in Puerto Rico that lasted over a week. In september 2017, 2 hurricanes hit Puerto Rico and once more the electrical grid failed and some people still don't have electrical service. My service was restored Jan 8. Is there a way to restart the "daily drip" emails?
    2) Is there a way to get the daily free gift in my facebook home page without leaving the game?
    3) If the daily free gift should stop appearing, is there a way to renew access to it?
    4) I have enjoyed using Super Fertilizer but have been observing that it seems to only work with super crops. So it would seem I have been using it incorectly.Is that the way it works only increasing the harvest of super crops 3x?
    5)Could you remind me what fertilizer does?
    6) I have noticed that it has been quite some time since the game has has has days or weekends without withering crops. Wll that ever happen again?
    7) I found the "Get it" and "Finish" options confusing. Is this by design? Th

    April 13
  • BttrFlz

    ****PLEASE fix Whoa Farmer....I HATE IT!!!!
    It caused me to loose my Gold Floppy Bunny while ago,I got from the news feed or whatever it's called!!!

    You COULD give it back to me!!!!
    WHERE did Live Chat go????
    They ALWAYS fixed any of our problems almost INSTANTLY!!!!
    Thanks from a VERY UNHAPPY player!!!!

    March 15
  • Teacher1957

    I am returning to farmville after a long absence. How do I use this forum to add players? I am confused.

    March 14