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  • EagleEyes1948

    FarmVille Game ID: 100000424012101


    Locked out almost a year : Attackers might be able to see the images you're looking at and trick you by modifying them.

    I have been waiting months to be able to play, several times a moderator or someone tells me that are booked up and will get to me, basically just have patience.

    I have tried different browsers:
    Hello, Farmers!

    The number of items on your Farm may affect how fast your game loads. To help you get back to the game smoothly, you may try unblocking the third-party cookies on your browsers and Gameroom also.

    Installed the Farmville Flash Helper extension

    Google Chrome
    Mozilla Firefox
    Internet Explorer

    Also, you can check these troubleshooting steps. Additionally, go to "Facebook Gameroom" as a substitute platform to play FarmVille for a better gaming experience. Thank you.

    visit our support site, select your game and check out our Technical Help FAQ.

    February 4
  • chrisy

    Sandy Im totally addicted to the deer now ! you did it lol thank you i love it., Hey except today's stuff I have deleted everything for the last 2 weeks except my wild flower, and fawn gifts, I was wondering if you wanted them?

    January 9
    • chrisy
      Sorry didn't see my first post So I wrote it again. I have well over 130 wild flowers and fawns on my time line , let me know or im going to delete them . in a few days
  • chrisy

    Sandy ........you have me totally addicted to the deer. lol. thank you ! its so fun hey I was wondering if you wanted any wildflowers I just cleaned out everything in my time line except today and all the wild flowers and fawns needed.

    January 9
  • Imjesus

    Hello, who helps me have friends in FarmVille Add me please you lovely farmers :) thanks

    January 9
  • donnarenner561

    Thank you facebook for blocking my card so i cant spend anymore on farm cash. I was spending too much money on this stuped game so i will not spend any more money on it. I will still play but not as much. so thank you from me and my husband.

    December 2018