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Dominus Mars
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  • jujubee

    how do i get a unwither ring ?

    April 19
  • dcart7015

    can u add me as a neighbor in farmville

    April 6
  • SweetThang

    Last night I purchased water 1000 with 16FC. I never received it in my gift box, so I checked recent FC purchases. The purchase was listed. So I waited and waited; and still no water. I fell asleep. This afternoon I checked the girt box again, still no water. I checked my purchases again and the water purchase had been removed from my recent list. However, my FC16 was never returned, please provide the water 1000.

    March 11
    • Dominus Mars
      Dominus Mars
      I have sent you a private message, SweetThang. Please check your inbox. Thanks!
  • 2manynewfarms

    Please this is getting crazy.. My Groovy Hills Leadership Board is never on my page but everything else is.. Whoa Farmer and purchasing items with farm cash I don't need or want.. The pop ups have to stop and please ask do you want to pay cash for something before taking it. I am still waiting for my 36 FV Cash back from the Tye Dye Peace Symbol Community Goal which was stuck for 2 days. I see I just bought without my knowledge 7FV Cash for Breaded Pumpkin for what I don't need or want it. I only purchases large FV Cash Items. One last thing why is there so long to get the Land Tile when you have access already like 40, 60 80 days that is to long.. Please ...

    March 5