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Charged FC for crops and horse I didn't know about

bigtruckdriverbigtruckdriver Posts: 9Registered User, Facebook Connect User Loose Cannon

Sep-6-2018 08:42:58 Cove Cranberry Bushel 1 1 1
Sep-5-2018 19:33:26 Rainbow Butterfly 2 3 6
Sep-5-2018 13:10:37 Precious Pegasus 3 1 3
Sep-4-2018 16:31:05 Clamp 1 2 2
Sep-4-2018 06:47:57 Pixie Mushrooms Bushel 1 2 2

Why is this happening??? I didn't know I had to pay for some crops to make items. I did not authorize this


  • Sandy7226Sandy7226 Lord of the Forums Posts: 8,049Registered User Lord of the Forums

    You don't have to pay for crops or parts, the 1 FC charges are most likely accidental clicks, it happens to everyone. Contact Customer Service and explain you did not intend to buy bushels and they will probably refund your money. The Precious Pegasus I can't explain, there is always a conformation screen for something that costs that much, but maybe CS will refund that too.

    There is a Support tab at the top of your farm, click that and at the bottom of the list that opens there should be a red Contact Us button. If there is no Contact Us button you can also one of the following links and the red Contact Us button at the upper right or Submit button at the bottom.

    Please try the tab on your farm first as it will pre-fill many of the questions on the form. Good luck!

  • texasrosetexasrose Posts: 3Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

    I can't add new farmer request or get my eggs from chicken coup when they become available. Also get gifts in feed then it takes it away when I apply it. Getting discouraged.

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