[FAQ] Omega Unit: Vulcan

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Q: What is Vulcan? What are its capabilities and strategies?
Vulcan is a MK2 class Assault Omega unit, with the ability to set ablaze all enemies in its path.

Vulcan uses a flamethrower as its primary weapon, lighting up enemies in an AoE doing fire Damage over Time(DoT).
Vulcan’s strength lies in its crowd control abilities, able to deal heavy damage to multiple enemies at the same time.

Q: What are the abilities of Vulcan?
A: Flag Bearer
- Unlocked at level 5, during battles, friendly units are inspired by Vulcan’s presence which allows them to do increased damage and improves their movement speed.
This movement and damage boost is only available until Vulcan is alive on the battlefield.
The Flag Bearer ability is available for both Tarmac and Rally Flag units.

Flamethrower Outburst - Unlock at level 8, Vulcan’s Primary weapon has a chance of getting overcharged. This overcharge is denoted by slots next to the super button. These overcharge slots have a chance of getting filled up when the Vulcan uses its primary weapon: the Omega Flamethrower. By default, one slot is always filled. Each additional slot filled provide incremental weapon damage buff to the flamethrower for 4 seconds. The amount of damage outburst depends on the number of slots filled.
The overcharge will also increase the damage of the Super: “Shockwave”.

Self Destruct - On death, Vulcan explodes and erupts in flames, doing AoE damage all around it.

Q: What is Vulcan’s Super?
Vulcan’s Super “Shockwave”, as the name suggests, will send a conical force damaging and stunning all enemy units in its range. The shockwave does a medium amount of damage but stuns all the enemy units and structures in its range for 4 seconds.
The enemy omega units will be stunned for a shorter period by the shockwave compared to the units or structures.
The damage of the Shockwave can be further augmented by the ability - Flamethrower Outburst (unlocks at level 8); increasing the damage based on the number of overcharge slots filled.

Q: How can I Access Vulcan Omega Unit?
Early access is available to players on HQ 8 and above. To use Vulcan in battle before everyone else, you will have to purchase the Early Access.

OR use 400 Quantum Cores to access Vulcan. Gain Quantum Cores by completing Alliance Mission or buy Elite Caches to receive them as a random drop.

Q: How do I level up Vulcan in the game?
Vulcan will earn XP by engaging in battles, for both offense and defense. The amount of XP received will depend on the damage done and damage received by Vulcan.

Like the other Omega MK2 units; Vulcan can also be leveled up to Level 15. You can level it up faster by using the 2X XP Boost and the Instant XP Boost available in the Robotics Bay.

Q: Can I level up Vulcan Omega Unit without upgrading the HQ?
Yes, the MK2 Omega unit gains XP and levels up only in battles and in Defense mode. Upgrading the HQ does, however, increase the Damage and Health for Vulcan Omega Unit.

Q: Do we have boosts for the MK2 Omega Units?
Yes, the same boosts that exist for the MK1 and other MK2 Omega Units can be applied onto the Vulcan. There are 3 Offensive and 1 Defensive boost that can be applied.

Q: Can I use 2 Omega units in the same battle simultaneously?
No. At any given point, you can only have one Omega Unit assigned to Attack and Defend.

Q: I have multiple Omega Units unlocked. How do I switch between them?
You can switch between any of your unlocked Omega Units from the Robotics Bay Dialog Box.
To switch to a different Omega Unit from the one you currently have active, go to that Omega Unit’s tab in the Robotics Bay Menu and tap on “Deploy”.

Q: Is there a cost to switching between Omega Units?
No. You can switch between your unlocked Omega Units at any time free of cost from the Robotics Bay.

Q: What does the shield icon represent in the Robotics bay?
Clicking on the above icon Enables or Disables the Defense Mode for the active Omega Unit. Enabling it for Defense mode will engage the Omega Unit to fight for you when your base is being attacked. By default, Vulcan is set to Defense mode. Also, an Omega Unit is vulnerable to take damage during a battle in Active Defense mode.

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