E&A DevSpeak #13: Duplicate messages from General/Brigadier and Gift limit update

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We know that a lot of players are facing inconvenience because of duplicate messages from General/Brigadier. Our team has fixed the issue in the latest release.

We have also increased the limit of visible gifts in the gift/loot inbox from 50 to 100. Please note that gifts beyond this limit will still be available with you, but they won’t be visible in the gift inbox. Once you claim gifts and keep clearing your gift inbox, you should be able to see your backlog gifts. Hence we encourage you to keep claiming your gifts regularly.

Thank you for your patience, and please do continue to provide your valuable feedback.

Over and Out,
Team E&A


  • Alreadyused11Alreadyused11 Posts: 3Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star
    Why dont u Guys relaunche the old versions on IOS/Android/PC becouse i actualy do think it will do great and be a big hit. Its a really good game and a reboot and little bit of marketing on yt Will make it a big game. Just concider it for a time.
  • StinkyStinky Posts: 128Registered User, Facebook Connect User The Pesky Helper

    I liked the cartoony look and feel of the original.

  • Wayne75Wayne75 Posts: 41Registered User, Facebook Connect User Grasshopper

    Yep the game has slowly been spoiled with too much new stuff n way too many omegas. Nearly have as much choice in them as I do regular troops! Wtf?? It's amazing how many people loved playing the game a few years ago as opposed to people now just coming on to do their daily chores n try and save their resources before it costs u a weeks wage to buy them back from zynga! Think I'm only still playing as iv been with most of my alliance since I started.

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