Why can't I add or assign Facebook friends to Strike Force?

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Does your Facebook Friends list appear to be blank when trying to assign FB Allies to Strike Force? Here are the reasons why:

  • You might have not accepted permission to access your Friends List on your Profile when you first connected to Facebook
  • The permission to access your Friend List has expired
  • You have logged on and connected to a different Facebook account

To have this resolved, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Make sure to keep your Empires & Allies and Facebook apps updated to its latest versions

  2. On your Facebook Profile, go to "Account Settings"

  1. Select "Apps and Websites"

  1. Under "Apps and Websites", you will see all the games associated with your account by going to "Logged in with Facebook"

  1. Look for "Empires & Allies" in the list of games that you’ve accessed

  1. After tapping Empires & Allies, click the “Remove App” option to reset your settings for this App

Note: If you don't have the Facebook app installed on your phone, you can also perform this on your web browsers.

  1. On your Facebook app, web browsers, and phone settings (iOS 10 & below), simply log out, then log in again using the account where your Facebook friends are also playing the game.

  1. Open Empires & Allies, go to "Game Settings”, and then under the “General” tab, do another “Facebook Connect"

Note: Simply refresh the game and try connecting to Facebook from time to time if you will encounter the error “Unable to connect to your account. Please try again later”.

  1. Make sure to re-allow the access to your Facebook friends list

  1. Check your Facebook Strike Force, then assign your FB friends to your Strike Force slots

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