Why can't I add or assign Facebook friends to Strike Force?

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If you encounter a blank Facebook Friends issue when trying to assign FB Friends on Strike Force, here's how to get them back.

One of the reasons they are not showing is you might have not accepted permission to access your Friends List on your Profile when you first did Facebook Connect.

To fix this please follow these steps:
1. On our Facebook Profile, go to "Account Settings."

  1. Then Go to "Apps."

  1. Under "Apps" you will see all the games associated in your account y going to "Logged in with Facebook."

  1. The list of games you accessed will appear. Look for "Empires & Allies."

  1. After tapping it you will see an option to remove the app to reset your settings for this App.

  1. Go back into the game and under "settings" do another Facebook Connect" to access your Facebook Profile.

This will re-allow access to your Friend's List and you can now reassign FB Friends on your Strike Force!

Note: If you don't have the Facebook app installed on your phone, you can also perform this on your browser.

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