Is it even remotely possible to win a defense match with a level 15 viper

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I have tried every attempt to win a defense match by moving everything around and it's nearly impossible to hold back the viper on wiping out most of my base by itself.I am level 25 so i don't have the sonic barrier etc.Sure occasionally i will win a defense.If i watch the replay of the attacks on my base 9 times out of ten the attacks i do hold off is because they are using the command points wrong or they rush in when my base is on a corner etc.


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    no ..not if the person knows how to use it.. but then again defense on this game is so pointless anyways .. there is absolutely no defense on this game that can counter a good offense..the entire balance of the game is skewed towards offense.

    i do quickmatches all day long (3star victories) against players 15 levels higher than me and i rarely come across one i cannot beat unless they are stacked with 3 or 4 healing drones, a stealth generator, ion cannon, and a gator.. and even then i win (at least 2 stars) unless the game bugs out on my phone and my omega commits suicide at random or something.

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