Hammerfall level went crazy

HossmanHossman Posts: 3Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

I just made it to HQ level 31, my base is an 88. When hammerfall started this week, my first base was a loaded level 97. I have tried 3 times including, using the new silo nuke. I can’t even put a dent in this base, so I guess no hammerfall this week. Anyone else have this happen to them?


  • Ken_KenKen_Ken Posts: 119Registered User, Facebook Connect User Cloudylicious
    HQ31 with silo has the ability to take down any base no matter how tough it might be. Think of a way to attack and keep trying if you enjoy challenges.

    Zynga has turn the game to a nightmare mode, but still one can make it
  • GB1GB1 Posts: 25Registered User, Facebook Connect User Clueless Cookie
    Yep, same prob, not worth continual tries as you lose more resources than you will gain. Yep more Zynga magic. QM,s down across the game and not much too interest most. This ain't a chess game, but feels more like one everyday. Game is just tragic these days.
  • jhonnyplumberjhonnyplumber Posts: 686Registered User, Facebook Connect User Dedicated Go Getter

    didnt you guys know all those issues are fun, and zyngas appreciation is shown in the form of ignorance , and once in a while they throw us a bone followed by a kick in the guts and locked back into the kennel.. they want it to be fun for those who pay is all..

  • RegieRegie Posts: 30Registered User, Facebook Connect User Clueless Cookie

    Unfortunately it seems your first Hammerfall targets are based on your medal count, which leads to practice of medal dumping, hardly a good use of anyones time

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