Hq31 - 32

icepopicepop Posts: 17Registered User, Facebook Connect User Muffin
O dear zynga have done it again and dropped the ball. Does zynga not listen to it’s cutomer base, we all complained about the last changes I.e gifting jumping and time loot expires. Don’t forget the silo that meant you couldn’t beat a higher level base. So what does zynga do!???? Introduce hq31 - 32 level up on silo and a defence dome, for god sake zynga LISTEN we don’t won’t upgrades we won’t the game to be fair. Whoever runs your promotions or game strategy need to binned cause your planning is way out with what your customers want.
Zynga I’m fed up with your short minded sh itty upgrades that is ruining the game for many.
1 tip that will help, get your head out of your hairy **** cheeks, that will help for starters.
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