Strategy game? Might as well play bingo

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It has been way too obvious for a while that the games mechanics will favour players at one time or another. This makes some opponents simply unbeatable. we've seen it over and over in alliance war where a base, even with no Airmed drones, or stealth, and featuring an lvl9 Omega can resist attacks from the best maxed out players. Where nukes have almost no effect, even when the Sonic tower is EMPed. This is also very obvious in the later missions in Hammerfall.

The games mechanics will either make the opponent resist about just anything or your troops completely ineffective. I've seen strikers stuck doing nothing for almost 1 minute with no shock mine or stealth tanks in sight when going against a far lower level opponent

This completely defeat the purposes of strategy, and it is obviously to lure players in spending $$$ to try to make it through.

This is on top of constant bugs in the game, and lack of communication from the support

I paid for a strategy game, but I ended up playing bingo...

Oh and @alohabunny, don't worry, I'll do it for you..

Apologies for the inconvenience, If you are you still experiencing this, please try reinstalling the game. If the issue persists, send us a ticket to have it further checked. I'll also do my best to forward all of your reports to them, and rest assured that they're currently looking into this issue. Appreciate your patience and understanding.

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