Alliance War Matching Gone Way Wrong And Zynga Will Not Fix It Ever

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It's one thing to be kicked out of your war searches one after the other for days. But then when you finally do get a match you are facing a team that will be impossible to beat they have 5 to 8 fully loaded Hq. level 30's in their Alliance. Now you are going to say just deal with it right. I would say the same thing. But in this Alliance no account is above a Hq. level 25. And its not just one war every now and then lately its been every war search. So I put a ticket into Zynga and the reply was that I needed to just deal with it because they were not going to fix it EVER!!!!. I kid you not I have the e-mail from them. I will not post it here because I will get kicked off forums for doing it. I think there are just not enough players left anymore to continue to get quality matches for war. When I am fighting my bigger accounts the wars are matched better because we are the ones with 5 to 8 hq. 30's fully loaded. Just seams that Zynga could match the hq. 30's with the Hq. 30's. When we are fighting our big accounts we dont want to get matched up with lower levels. But it seams to have escaped the ability of the programmers to keep up with all the stuff they mess up in the game. And they also forget that the players are in fact their bosses in the end. So why listen to us as we leave the game by the bus loads. Taking our money and their paycheck with us as we depart. So I say this to all the players that are tired of the errors and bad war match ups. Say something to Zynga you have a voice. And to Zynga you say you listen to the players!!! Do you really? Because if you did you would fix the war matching system. Fair play is just that Fair play

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