The White Flag Players!

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I have been with one alliance for 2 years, the same team I picked up all my habits from..

They are not gold buyers via protesting, they are just cheap SOBs.. So once the Sonic Barrier came into the game, the players that thought they had actual skills playing this game have come to the conclusion, they can't beat a HQ30 that has 3 drone hives, boosted, and the addition of the Sonic Barrier!

So, today's alliances war on an evenly matched alliance war, our top HQs didn't even attempt to hit a HQ30/L98 and a L97 both under stealth, and can't really blame them because even if you're fully alpha boosted and have an instant alpha tarmac, you might get one flag or most likely no flags. So, they ended up hitting a low HQ and took one flag to ensure all the jumpers will get loot. I don't jump at that alliance, so I didn't even make a hit.

So, I just looked, the other will win and they didn't hit our 2 top HQs..

Is this suppose to be fun? I guess you need to think more, as in now you have to take into account of getting 6 flags for max loser loot or try for a win, get no flags and get no loot. I've been choosing loser loot often lately, since it is much more difficult to get flags off any level HQ30 that is boosted! Not impossible, but not easy..

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