war factory discounts

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since the introduction of sonic defense, the game is much harder to play,specifically when a defending base has all defensive boosts active ,along with a max omega of what ever species active. so this being the case, i would like to see changes in the current war factory discount events. firstly i think it would be fair that when the event for crafting season is running, that no discounts be given, just rewards for items crafted at full price.this will reduce the number of over boosted bases and give us more chances to win 100%. secondly i would like to see alpha time have changes made that we recieve 50% discounts for crafting alpha tarmacs and also to include the instant alpha tarmac.. i would also like to see when crafting bonus command points event is running they be discounted by 60% .. it used to be hard to defend and easy to attack, hence we got defense boosts discounted , now its easy to defend and harder to attack, so get rid of defense boost discounts and introduce offense boost discounts.. i never have and still dont give a rats azz about defense.. if i want to defend, i do it during retaliation battles.

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