OPTING OUT & alliance loot

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While I agree with the recent change where bases that opt out do not collect loot, I disagree with the offshoot that if the game opts out a base during the matchup process, that base collects no loot either.

Opting out is players choice, being opted out is NOT.

We've had several bases not play in several straight wars and not by their choice. I would prefer to keep alliance members content, not iritated.

Loot rewards in a war based on flags taken by that base. BAD! I booted players with HQ25 attacking 2 HQ10s. This is supposed to be an alliance, not a competition within the alliance or to foster the ME-FIRST environment..

Giving bonuses for a base attacking up several levels in HQ and base level ... sounds GOOD! Reward the 'hero'

Penalizing a base because there is nothing left to attack that the base has a reasonable chance to win ...BAD! An HQ10 in an alliance war where the next closest enemy is an HQ15, why should the HQ10 commander be penalized


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    I disagree. Messing with the Alliance War Spoils defeats the whole idea of an Alliance. An Alliance should be able to organize the way it wants without penalty.

    The other change they made also is disastrous for upgrading. Specifically, reducing the expiration days from 29 to 6 is ridiculous. All the resource es are treated equal when they arent. It takes a much longer time to save enough Tech to upgrade. My current HQ is 27, I cant see a way to 28. So I'll probably quit playing. The shame is I have so much invested in it.
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    War loot running out so quickly is a disgrace n I seriously hope it gets put back to the way it was. As mentioned...it takes an age to save for upgrades and the 29 day expiry gave u half a chance at least. As an alliance I did not mind my members recieving war loot when they did not take part,as most of us are of an older age n have commitments such as work,family etc and can't always participate so that extra boost helped out a lot.

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