Alliance missions

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I have mentioned this in the alliance mission feed back and no answer...

I pride myself in winning every battle and having an awesome win loss ratio, I tried alliance missions and found with horror I had 15 losses, so I thought this is just rubbish

There was hope it was fixed but sadly zynga developers don’t really give a toss.

I tried again I played for quite sometime won them all had fun I guess, then I checked my loss record...omfg 25 losses added.

I would like an explanation please on how that happens, as I am lost for words. It undermines all that I worked for over years of playing.


  • RabidRabid Posts: 13Registered User, Facebook Connect User Pumpkin

    Ok...great reply zynga! NOT!

    Solution would to remove the statistic, therefore who cares if you have a 1 death to 100 kills.
    Clearly zynga don’t care about the issue about the 3 hours the mission takes and how much of a grind it is...

    Also zynga made it if you don’t play our new game option you won’t get the new toys, how pathetic can zynga be. So quick match is still broken and pointless so they have the alliance missions and manticore to bore us all to tears, good work zynga once again.

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    i agree, either fix it or remove player battle stats cause theyre pointless having when the game records a 3 star victory as a loss

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    Thought after all the negative feedback going about that they would have shortened the time for attacking in these. But in someone's wisdom they thought they would ignore our comments and carry on regardless! How very typical. And as previously stated...we can't get the cores that we used to get doing qm's unless we partake in these long......drawn out........boring.........time consuming missions. Nice one!!

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