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Commanders! Share your feedback about the Quick Match here, and I'll do my best to forward all of it to the team.
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  • NoPainNoPain Posts: 1Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star
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    My HQ level is 21 but my opponent HQ level is minimum 26 and generally +28 in my quick match.How can I defeat them ?.I think it is not fair.

  • tchelotchelo Posts: 139Registered User, Facebook Connect User The Pesky Helper

    For a long time it was so, and they never solved it.

  • WillyYoyoWillyYoyo Posts: 9Registered User, Facebook Connect User Loose Cannon
    Unable to find similar HQ in quick matches, impossible to play fighting, only farming, do not appear rival's of my level always so much higher.......
  • jhonnyplumberjhonnyplumber Posts: 654Registered User, Facebook Connect User Dedicated Go Getter

    untill zynga removes the ability to lose medals via losing on purpose ,this problem will never resolve..

  • JBX2017JBX2017 Posts: 106Registered User, Facebook Connect User Cloudylicious

    Forward the game sucks, it's redundant, and takes too much time to anything at the higher levels!

    The Zynga made up up alliances are easy to see, so no biggie losing... Or the fools that need to win at all cost!

    We do this>>>>

    Just take a loss! When the other alliance decides to put 50 percent of their bases under stealth, we just say muck it, you win.... you just wasted boosting your defense for nothing!

    Grant it, if we are already fully offensively boosted, no sense to wasting it, so what ever happens, happens..

    Same thing has happened to us! We go all in with defensive boost, and the other team doesn't attack or just goes for flags to get loser loot!

    I know it **** me off, so why not just lose to the Zynga or $$ alliances?

    It's just a game that takes real loot to be successful defensively/offensively at the higher levels! What's the point of the game, when it is so obvious thar there is absolutely no skill involved to play it?

    Before it was the team that hit first won.... Now it's which team that boosts their defense better wins, and sometimes, just having the Sonic Barrier boosted is good enough to win a war!

    As I mentioned a few weeks ago, the guys with HQ30s in the upper 90s, will go down easily, if they are not defensively boosted... While a HQ30 lower 80s fully boosted is near impossible to beat! So, what's the point to upgrade defense? There is none at the moment!

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