Disheartening for HQ98

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My only goal was to have a fully maxed out base, but since I was a year late in playing this game, I have yet to meet that goal and not even close to getting there.

Getting to HQ30 was no problem, so I continue to plug away to upgrade my base. A few times I thought to myself, what's the point of a maxed out base, since a fully maxed out base with no boosts can be defeated fairly easy..

But once the HQ levels have gone up, I was back with the mind think, that a maxed out base obviously has to have a better defend than weaker base.. Example: HQ30/98 would defend better than a HQ30/84, even if it was boosted.

Well, back to BOOSTS again! A HQ30/98 with zero boosts (including Sonic Barrier) will suffer a 3 star defeat, while the HQ30/84 boosted can successful defend! I seen happen today during an alliance war.

I guess the only incentive to get a maxed out base, is to successfully defend it against lower HQs or against those folks that don't want to pay for boosts.

Anyway, just boosting the Sonic Barrier is enough to defend your base against those that don't boost their troops.. And even boosted troops have failed against the Sonic Barrier...

So, all Zynga needs to do, to give an even a bigger advantage to the paying customer, is the ability to purchase more Nukes! Maybe a Sonic Barrier killing Nuke.. We can't have paying customers losing offensive or defensively!

On the brightside, the alliance wars I do, there is less losing wars by 18 flags in the first few minutes after it starts!

The darkside, lose back to back, to back, to back alliance wars...

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