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Really!!!!i have wasted my 2.5 years in game you are doing what ever in your mind Zynga TEam..
1.war is tough..
2.quick match is tough. is tough.
4. hammerfall is tough.
now u have closed Globe earning.what is going tell me how can i upgrade rail gun which is required 100M..

why dont u tell us directly that **** your **** OUT OF MY GAME..u dont have guts..hunnn

give me ans i will leave permanently..thats why my colleague are playing Coc.

At least give us our globe earning..almost zynga players last hope..Do something..for ur earning add ads.we dont hv dont have idea i am giving..for your earning or financial add a option which is contain google addsence link..we will click 1k time for ur earning..but give us globe.

Lastly Request to the all players around the globe Please raise your voice #players_to-gathers

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