Everyday should be a WAR Day

KanchanKanchan Posts: 7Registered User, Facebook Connect User Loose Cannon

Alliance should be allow search war on everyday. It would be very interesting.


  • Aloha BunnyAloha Bunny Super Moderator Posts: 1,586Registered User, Super Moderator, Facebook Connect User Moderator

    Thanks for your interest in having Alliance War everyday, @Kanchan. Your suggestion has been well noted. ;)

  • YolOReverYolORever Not a Title, but a Star Posts: 77Registered User Black Sheep of ze Internet

    Kanchan, are you suggesting to start war in your alliance, even when you have not even fought the current one? Currently a Brigadier starts up and after a few hours the opponent has been found. Zynga gives you 24 hours to strenghten your defence. Then war starts and you have another 24 hours before loot is available.
    If i understand you correctly, after 24 hours, in the same periode as your team is strenghtening their defence, you start up a new war?

    Aloha, this is a nice variant of previous ideas of starting/ending alliance wars and shows everybody would like to see more wars.

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