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Artillery & towers, especially artillery are super expensive and do very little damage anything you can do about this. I am not a broker but I see a bad investment. I have upgraded to lvl 26 artillery and it does very little damage to anything including infantry. Please fix so we can get more bang for our buck.


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    Artillery was the core defense for players at the beginning phase. I agree that it should be improved instead of having the Metal Rain alone as an AOE defensive building. I'll take note of your suggestions, @Phillyphil67 and let the team observe it accordingly. Thank you.

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    Totally agree with Phil. I hardly bother upgrading artillery.

    While we are on that topic, guard tower and its rocket power up, are as useful as whiskers on my aunt Mabel. In order to put them into play, I would suggest giving them way more HP so even tho they are weak against vehicles, at least they will suck up a bit more time to take them down. They should however be way more lethal against smaller units such as troops, spiders and mk1s. With rockets , they should be absolutely deadly against choppers and drones, I would say on par with patriots.

    I’m not sure if the developers play this game much but it sure doesn’t look like it from this end.

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