New medal up idea.

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For the new medal up system, players can't lose medals in any scenario. Players can only gain medals. This would prevent players from dropping medals. If a player loses a quick match, his HQ gets attacked and he loses or his HQ gets retaliated and he loses, then he doesn't lose medals. He would still keep his current medal count and medal rank can only go up. However, if the players gets his HQ retaliated and he loses, then the enemy is awarded double medal count for successful retaliation. And there be no being able to re-retaliate. This could make things interesting. But there would need to be a new league system made, for this to work, or they could just keep the current league system. But the majority of the advanced players would end up being in supreme leagues weekly contest. This could give most new players a incentive to medal up fast, just to be able to play in supreme leagues.


  • StinkyStinky Posts: 85Registered User, Facebook Connect User Dramachine
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    The new players would get to supreme faster, but it wouldn't mean anything. Soon all the top players would have millions if not billions of medals. Just from a housekeeping point of view, medals have to come down or they will pile up and the numbers will become unmanageable.

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    medals make the game boring after you get over player h e l l ... its boring as watching paint dry attacking same bases over and over again.... and then once you get past player h e l l, those players become so good at the game they cant play without using alpha tarmacs and strikeforce to play... but yeah thats where the good players are, medals maketh the player,,, not...

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