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Failed to change mission

SystemSystem Posts: 67Registered User Administrator
This discussion was created from comments split from: [Fixed] Unable to change mission on Global Map.


  • franklyfrankly Posts: 83Registered User, Facebook Connect User Dramachine
    Why one of my accounts cannot change mission, I can do so with my other 2 accounts, so I guess problem isn't with my phone . Did Zynga lock out some accounts intentionally ?
  • franklyfrankly Posts: 83Registered User, Facebook Connect User Dramachine
    Still cannot change mission after update.
    On globe chat you claimed new update fixed cannot change mission bug, it didn't.
  • CommanderDonCommanderDon Posts: 25Registered User, Facebook Connect User Clueless Cookie

    Normal, i can't change mission on one of my accounts since more then 2 month, they are unable to fix it, must work on 27th Omega Unit lol

  • pharkenalpharkenal Posts: 2Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

    Why is it always the same responses!?

    “Rest assured that we’ll have this set back sorted out”
    “We’re still waiting for an update regarding this issue”
    “I understand how inconvenient this is”
    “We are doing our best to have this set back sorted”
    “We’re already looking on this case”
    “This is currently being looked into”
    “The whole process may take a while”

    2/Jan/2018 I began correspondence with these guys! And the run around is all I get! I just want to know a solid date when it will be fixed. Nah, you think I was asking for next weeks lotto numbers! It’s like talking to a politician! I can’t get a straight answer!

    “Thank you for your patience and understanding”

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