Alliance War unreadible names and War List

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When an Alliance war starts, I usually point my teammembers to certain opponents in a War list. This way I can make sure that they attack same levels. However, there are 2 problems:
1. Opponents with Arab or Chinese or freestyle names.
This makes it difficult to point my teammates to the right opponent, forcing me to use HQ and general level, which can be sometimes confusing for them when there are equal opponents and it's time consuming to find the target too! My simple solution is to number everyone, so I only have to mention the number. This number should be displayed in the map.
2. when starting to fight in an Alliance War, Zynga suggests opponents, sometimes way under or above one's level
A General or Brigadier should be able to use an attack schedule, the War list, overwriting this. The attacker gets right to his designated target.

At the moment, our Alliance Zwelgje is doing a Brigadiers Event, in which the best Brigadier(the one who wins most of the 7 wars) and sidekick(the player who wins most flags during this event) are rewarded each with huge rss. Perhaps an idea for Zynga to install such an event too?


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    If the General (me) or a Brigadier could change the recommended target in E&A, that would make it so much easier. Currently, I input the data from both alliances into a spreadsheet and then post that list in Band another app we use to discuss wars and such for E&A. But not all the players have the app... so this would make is way less confusing for everyone.

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    Is there any development on the ureadable names in chinese of arab?

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    If they could just have HQ and level info in the main list and be able to attack from there. I have spent many a war twirling around the globe tying to find a suitable opponent I could have found in the list.

  • YolOReverYolORever Not a Title, but a Star Posts: 71Registered User Black Sheep of ze Internet

    You can see the levels in the list of opponents, when the war has started. Unfortunately not the HQ level. I prefer a warlist for generals and brigadiers, to enable them to link their warriors to opponents of same size. No problems then with unreadable names.

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    Appreciate your interest in sorting out the Alliance War participants, Commanders. This has been noted for further assessment. Thanks!

  • YolOReverYolORever Not a Title, but a Star Posts: 71Registered User Black Sheep of ze Internet

    thx Aolha Bunny, hope it really becomes reallity.

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    Also there needs to be a Button to take you directly to the Alliance War opponents page. You cannot Search most the Team or individual names with the different languages,Wingdings,etc.

    I only do 10 player Wars,so I make a list by level and location,35 S Africa, 91 India,,etc .Scout each one and write HQ Levels, Omega Level .

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