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L64 gets all Flags of a L84

JBX2017JBX2017 Posts: 54Registered User, Facebook Connect User This Space is Available

As seen in YouTube, a player will post a video of his (example) HQ28 L64 - wiping out a HQ28 L84, and brags about beating a guy 20 levels above him!

A few long time players over the past few months, have been confused on how (example), how a HQ28 L64 beat their HQ28 Lev 86, but their base defended off a HQ26 Lev 86 during the same alliance war. I'm dumbfounded why they didn't understand!

The answer is obvious, they both have the "same" level HQ, meaning the L64 and L86 have or near the max level of offense, which both levels are capable of defeating a HQ that equal to theirs!

But, our insane medal dumper continues to chat, he beat another guy 20 levels above him, and some of the other players think it is some type of an accomplishment, when actually our medal dumper, never upgrades his defense!

A couple of players tried to explain to this guy and the cheerleaders of our alliance, that if you beat a HQ equal to your own, the base experience level really has nothing to do with getting all flags from the same freaking HQ level as your own!


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