Mission Reset is resolved

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I noticed that the mission reset is resolved and fixed in the globe map, but the omega unit experience is only 8, can you please let me know when it will be resolved


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    After you changed mission 24 times, omega units will get only 9 xp each battle. there is no problem if you have not yet changed mission.
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    @nabilsemaan said:
    i think that the mission reset is fixed now, but the omega unit isnt gaining any xp more than 8 per attack, any thoughts?

    My thoughts, that it was predictable that they "Zynga" pretended there was a problem, to fix or lower the amount Bot XP players were gaining from farming the globe.

    Of course it's just my opinion, but since the amount of Omega XP is pretty much gone from the globe, it does seem like reasonable guess that this was the goal from jump.

    Oh well, it will just take s couple of years to get a Lev 15 omega unit if players plan on just doing the globe. Even if you do Hammer-Fall, I think you can get a couple of thousand XP there every week, but looks like gold is the goal to build a stronger bot!

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    My viper is level 15 and I’ve only been playing 4 months

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    BP said:
    My viper is level 15 and I’ve only been playing 4 months

    I don't doubt that!

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    My Omega units are now only getting 8XP on the globe map, regardless of the number of mission changes. Is this another rule change midstream, that Zynga will not own up to. New players are constantly being short changed as older players were able to advance under a different set rules, while Zynga changes the rules of their game, one more time. I don't think this was done by accident.

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    Thanks for letting us know about the gradual loss of experience that can be earned by your Omega Units from the Globe, Commanders. However, this is E&A DevSpeak #11: Action on Globe and Hero XP Exploits and has been implemented due to certain players using scripting/botting to level up their Omega Units in Globe Battles and/or Killswitch event. It will be limited after a certain number of matches which are sufficiently high for genuine players. If this happens with doing your first mission, please let us know or sending a ticket to the support team is suggested. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

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    My mission reset has continued to have problems for months.....only on one base. The Answer given...there are plenty of other things you can do....
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    znowu nie dziala czat padlo wam cos dajecie nowe a starego niemozecie zrobic wpadl kod 25

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