Feedback for Ravager M8

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  • Crazy_OneCrazy_One Posts: 45Registered User, Facebook Connect User Building Expert

    When you send the Ravager into battle it acts like the titan tanks. they go 3 cm. and stop turn and open up to fire. then close up move 5 cm. stop open up to fire and then close up. then they are either wasted at the fight is over and they never even get a shot off. there is way to much going on to have to baby sit these things in a fight. Please fix them. Plus they are super weak just like the titan

  • WhiteniteWhitenite Posts: 408Registered User, Facebook Connect User Forum Detective

    I just upgraded to HQ28... Haven't had a chance to use the Ravager M8.

    Have others tried these? I haven't seen anything written here about how useful Ravager M8 are so was wondering. Haven't seen anyone attacking me with these yet. Only seen a couple guys using them as base defense reinforcements while I was attacking. My strikers sliced through them like a hot knife through butter.... ;)

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    @Crazy_One Guess I should have read this before posting about Ravager. Seems Zynga gave us yet another useless troop :# :# :#

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  • jhonnyplumberjhonnyplumber Posts: 625Registered User, Facebook Connect User Mazter Guardian

    i played around with mine once i max them out, as long as there was no rail guns i lost no m 8,s , they are slow like tanks and make a wierd noise, but as for what damage they were actually doing im not sure, they usually got left behind....

  • M_L_K_M_RcM_L_K_M_Rc Posts: 153Registered User, Facebook Connect User Saint Spontaneous

    To put it frankly, they are totally pointless both in defense and offense. They have no chance to defend against anything, I had some hopes they would be good using their "area" attack against striker blobs but no. Another pointless unit as pointed out above, same as mlrs, commandos and whatnot.

  • Ken_KenKen_Ken Posts: 106Registered User, Facebook Connect User Cloudylicious

    The M8 is useful, if it can act faster. Some thoughts from mine:

    • M8 is painfully slow, moving a bit faster than Colossus, but once M8 arrives in firing position it need few seconds to expend before it can actually fire missiles.
    • M8 has a short range, roughly similar to Tanks.
    • M8 is vulnerable in front of defense structures.
    • M8's missile will be shut down by dome laser, and MK I.
    • M8's fire power is reasonable, however based on above points, M8 is never able to catch up with other units to make use of its firepower.

    I did many attempts to play with M8 and pair it with different units, however I can't find any reasonable combination that would benefit from M8's firepower. Because M8 is too slow and too short range.

    The only exception is to donate M8 in alliance war as defense units. In rare cases M8 is doing better in defense than other kinds of troop.

    Please make it faster. At least by removing the 'expansion' time.


  • General_GreyGeneral_Grey Posts: 195Super Moderator Moderator

    We'll take note of your feedback and suggestions for the improvement of Ravager M8, Commanders. This will help us for further assessment of this new offensive unit and we'll be glad to hear more of it. Thanks and keep on enjoying the game.

  • 788788 Posts: 12Registered User, Facebook Connect User Pumpkin
    As others have said. Too slow at expanding, and despite the high hit point count, is easily disposed of in battle.
  • FuryFury Posts: 36Registered User, Facebook Connect User Learning the Ropes

    Agreed with all whats said above. Ravager is absolutely useless. Lets break it down and have a count of useless troops IMHO
    1. Titan- Very useless- Way to slow for a timed style game. They target walls 1st, There canons range is to short and may get off one shot per 5 battles.
    2. Ravager- Very useless-explained above
    3. Tomahawks- Very useless- to slow, battle can be over without a single shot being fired.
    4. Stealths tanks (offensively)-useless- they get to far ahead of the pack, leaving them vulnerable. not enough per tarmac.
    5. LGL-useless- not enough available per tarmac to make them a contender. To weak.
    6. Apaches- useless- To much emp style defense making air assault a thing of the past. to slow.
    7. MKI-Very useless (offensively)-To weak to make them even a consideration.
    Mlrs, spiders, tanks, commandos, helos, all very useless.

    So with a quote, unquote strategy game (more like resources grinding game) what is the thought process in releasing a slow, weak moving units where the clock is your enemy?

    Just my humble opinion's guys. A lot of you will disagree.

  • FuryFury Posts: 36Registered User, Facebook Connect User Learning the Ropes

    We need more variety then just strikers. I've bin playing since the release of this game and its just sad that strikers are still the go to unit of choice.

  • M_L_K_M_RcM_L_K_M_Rc Posts: 153Registered User, Facebook Connect User Saint Spontaneous

    Thanks for spending time to write the truth about the game in its current state Fury. You nailed it.

  • Kill8oxKill8ox Posts: 39Registered User, Facebook Connect User Learning the Ropes

    Another useless unit not worth the time investing in it,just remove them from the loadout all together!

    Do you guy's even test anything before pushing it out? Seems NOT to me,instead of ironing out the bugs and glitches you keep introducing worthless assets no one is going to use .....ever!

  • Quetzalcoatl2015Quetzalcoatl2015 The One Who Knows It All Posts: 587Registered User Goldsmith

    Agree with all above:

    WaY too fix this unit:

    Make it faster
    Shoot without daley, that means not expand just shoot
    Make it shoot 2 kinds of missils
    One short range, masive number like a patriot and half the range of the patriot no able to be shoot down by disco domes but by mk1
    Second one long range twice range of a patriot, unable to be shhot down by mk1 but able to be shoot down by disco balls very explosive by area (like Tomahawk area of destruction)
    Decrease the number of troops by 4 so we get at least 4 units by tarmac
    Make it a defensive unit too

    Hope devs can see this one

  • Garrot1Garrot1 Posts: 81Registered User, Facebook Connect User Dramachine
    I just think they suck and a waste of oil and data have really thought about something better...imho
  • Garrot1Garrot1 Posts: 81Registered User, Facebook Connect User Dramachine
    Quit actually I think there are several research items they should do away with and fill with something 86 the Titan tank,the ravager m8,& camouflage. All are totally worthless..maybe add in a long range missle launcher or add in the mrls as an offensive attack item
  • Aloha BunnyAloha Bunny Super Moderator Posts: 1,395Super Moderator Moderator

    Commanders! When the going gets tough, then get ready to deploy the all NEW Ravager M8 that now moves faster, transforms
    Quicker and does larger damage than you could ever imagine! Get the Ravager M8 only on Empires And Allies. Share your feedback here!

  • tomas_didymustomas_didymus Posts: 39Registered User, Facebook Connect User Learning the Ropes

    The ravager is still too slow and weak. They are useless in battles relative to other units we have at our disposal. For something that you can only obtain at higher HQ, it is totally a disappointment.

  • Yusuke YamadaYusuke Yamada Investigator Posts: 518Registered User Enthusiastic Expert
    Zyngaaaaaa! Thank you!!!!! Thanks for updating M8 ravager when HQ31-32 released! Now I found M8 can stand easily against Stealth tanks. I’m not afraid any STs!
  • CobaltSylveonCobaltSylveon Posts: 3Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star

    Maybe Ravager missiles should split into pieces of AOE damaging shrapnel (Similar to how Tomahawk missiles burst in mid-air before raining down on enemies) when shot down by Hunter Drones or Aerial Defenses? The shrapnel should do a slight amount of damage too, just so they can still have the upper hand.

    And I agree with the comments up there, more Ravagers per tarmac, faster movement speed, and no expansion time. Also they should have a slightly longer range, just so their power can be used to the fullest extent.

    Thanks for listening, hopefully you'll use my feedback to improve the Ravager M8 in the near future.c:

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