Watching Replays

CommanderDonCommanderDon Posts: 40Registered User, Facebook Connect User Grasshopper

I know i wrote this several times but nothing happens.
So this is my last announcement before i delete the Game.
"Stop watching Replays" in war.
In every war i get attacked several times until i m down.
Since i m maxed out, and if i have full equipment on board,
nobody was able since month to take me down on the first shot.
But with this stupid replays my grandma could play with her ellbow
and take me down cos every base has a weak point.
In a war the better builded Ally should win and not the faster one.
This is "Empires & Allies" and not "Formula 1 E&A"

So to be fair i will wait another 8 weeks for this update,
otherwise the game will be deleted. ;-)


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